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Sims_logo_40-50_CMYKSims Recycling Solutions provides businesses and organisations with cost-effective, environmentally compliant e-waste disposal services. Your end of life office and IT equipment, consumer durables and other electronic equipment can be refurbished for reuse or dismantled for materials recycling. Sims is one of the global 100 most sustainable corporations.

Address: 12 Changi North Way, Unit 01-04, Singapore 498791

Telephone: 6214 0627

Fax: 6214 0421


Website: for Singapore; for Asia Pacific

Recycling at Condominiums and Private Apartments

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Condominiums and private apartments are not covered under the National Recycling Programme (NRP). But the National Environment Agency (NEA) are working with the Managing Agents and Management Councils of the condominiums and private apartments to introduce recycling programmes. Similar to the National Recycling Programme, recycling bags would be given to residents for their recyclables or recycling bins would be placed at selected locations.

As of Dec 2007, there are 353 condominiums and private apartments with recycling programmes. Recently, the ministry has also announced that it will make it mandatory to have recycling facilities in condominiums and private apartments. This mean that soon all the residential premises (HDB estates, landed properties, condominiums and private apartments) in Singapore will have some form of recycling programme and all residents have the opportunity to recycle.

(This article was first published in SG Recycle.)

Recycling at Home through the National Recycling Programme

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The National Environment Agency (NEA) has implemented the National Recycling Programme (NRP) since 2001, where recycling bags or bins are given to residents living in HDB housing estates and landed properties. These recycling bags and bins are provided by appointed recycling contractors and the recyclables are collected fortnightly under the NRP.


You can make use of the recycling programme to recycle items such as paper, plastic and glass bottles, metal cans and old clothing, instead of throwing them away.


In addition, there are recycling bins placed at housing estates (one set of recycling bins placed for every five blocks), and also public recycling bins placed at train stations and high traffic locations. Check out the locations of the nearest recycling bins at the NEA website.

With all these recycling programmes and facilities in place, it’s easy to recycle and there’s no more excuses not to.

Images source: NRP brochure.

(This article was first published in SG Recycle.)

Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd

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Cimelia is an ISO certified e-waste management specialist offering one-stop solutions like Base Metal Recovery, Copper Refining, Precious Metals Recovery and Refining, Plastic Recycling, Data Wiping and Destruction, IP Protection, On-site Destruction, Partnership in Take-Back Program, Post Manufacturing/After Sales Services, RMA and Re-marketing Services and Environmental Consultation to Electrical, Electronic and Semiconductor Industries.

Address: No. 3 Tuas Avenue 2, Singapore 639443

Telephone: +65 6898 0808

Fax: +65 6898 0888



Kiat Lee Landscape and Building Pte Ltd

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We recycle wood and horticultural waste into compost that is rich in organic matter and major nutrients. Application of our compost will improve plant growth, soil structure and water use efficiency. It also acts as an excellent soil conditioner to improve physical and physico-chemical characteristics of soil.

Address: 31 Kranji Crescent, Singapore 728655

Telephone: 6287 3390

Fax: 6742 8966



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