Green Travel Thailand

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Green Travel Thailand

Green Travel Thailand is a website created to provide information on green hotels and accommodations in Thailand together with highlights of Thailand, green travel tips and other useful information. The website is in both Thai and English.

If you are planning to visit Thailand, try finding a green place to stay! Visit to find out more.

Biofuels in Asia 2010

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Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

The Biofuels in Asia 2010 Conference:

  • Focuses on the knowledge-transfer and introduction of innovative technologies and applications to match the needs of the Asian market and the Asian industry
  • Analyze possibilities to improve the quality and stability of the biofuels to reach highest customer satisfaction and public trust
  • Identify current trends and future perspectives to optimize the business strategies and business development and ecological businesses

Visit the conference website for details and registration.

Alternative Energy Thailand Forum 2010

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Thailand faces serious energy security issues in the wake of volatile oil prices and the limit to the traditional sources of energy such as oil, gas, coal, etc. Placing importance on this energy policy, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said that the Government would provide support for the promotion of alternative energy sources. The Government has placed the use of alternative energy in the national agenda. In response to this aims, it will encourage the production and use of alternative energy such as biomass, biogas, ethanol-based oil, biodiesel, natural gas for vehicles, wind, solar and waste energy to enhance energy security.

In response to the nation’s energy security challenges, this first-time Alternative Energy Thailand Forum 2010 aims to provide participants with a platform to keep abreast with government policies & regulatory updates, latest market developments, practical insights, and regional/international trends and perspectives on alternative energy development.

Download the event info here.

EU-ASEAN Cooperation in Sustainable Tourism

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Speaker: Mr Richard Werly, European Bureau Chief for Swiss Daily “Le Temps”

Venue:ASEF Conference Room

The European Union is ASEAN’s first overall trading partner and biggest source of foreign direct investments. In 2008, the total trade between EU and ASEAN amounted to € 134.6 billion, and investments from EU to ASEAN have also seen strong growth. With the growing economic partnership, EU and ASEAN have entered into negotiations for an FTA in 2007.Eco-tourism, as a niche sector of Tourism, has been identified as one of the key areas for deeper cooperation.

Thailand, who is eyeing the conclusion of an EU-Thailand FTA, has been sold on the beneficial spillover effects of the FTA on tourism. She is gearing up to explore ways and opportunities for developing sustainable and community-based tourism. As one of the efforts towards developing sustainable eco-tourism, the Thai authorities with the support of UNEP and Greenpeace have commissioned the production of the first guidebook on Ecotourism entitled “Travel Green Thailand”. Besides giving foreign visitors plenty of useful travel advice and tips, the guidebook also highlights the benefits of a stronger EU-ASEAN cooperation in this field of sustainable tourism, importing some of the standards, norms and good practices developed within the European Union. Examples range from “Homestay” accommodation to national parks management.

“Travel Green Thailand” is viewed as a first step of a future Southeast Asian collection of Eco-tourism guidebooks and manuals, making itself a platform for future cooperation between the various stakeholders in the development of a more sustainable, low carbon emissions Tourism. Mr Richard Werly, the main author of “Travel Green Thailand”, will be sharing his insights and perspectives on an area of cooperation that the EU and ASEAN could potentially develop and deepen for sustainable development of the Southeast Asian region.

For registration, visit

Source: EU Centre

Asia Environmental News: 11 Nov 08

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