Insights on the Circular Economy in Singapore

Circular - 1 Our current linear production and consumption model of “take, make and dispose” is not sustainable. We no longer can afford to use more limited resources and create more waste. We have to change, and the alternative model that is fast gaining traction is the circular economy.

Driven by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and building upon concepts such as Cradle to Cradle, Industrial Ecology and Biomimicry, the circular economy is likely to be the next big sustainability trend. Read more

Good Mix of Planning and Spontaneity is Needed

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By Maxine Chen Li Shan

Clean and Green Singapore - Every Action Counts

I like spontaneity. I enjoy it when people speak out of turn in daily conversations and create awkward pauses. I am considering pursuing a career in music solely because of its ability to interlock any number of strangers in a divine jam regardless of age, language or background.

In a group of friends, I am often the one advocating new activities to try out. I recall quite vividly the looks on my girlfriends’ faces when I suggested we do the G-Max Reverse Bungy ride at Clarke Quay together (we eventually compromised by standing below the ride to catch vicarious thrills), and the oppressive gloom that materialised when I dragged another to a LAN centre and promptly ruined DOTA for him by asking incessant questions. To all my friends – I apologise. Read more

Singapore’s PARKROYAL on Pickering: Hotel in a Garden

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PARKROYAL on PickeringWith the introduction of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Scheme over the past few years, Singapore has seen an exuberant interest in green buildings. This growing interest has also spread to the hospitality sector, with more sustainable-themed hotels sprouting up in Singapore.

Singapore’s latest green hotel, PARKROYAL on Pickering, opened this year at the heart of the Central Business District, between Hong Lim Park and Chinatown. Let’s take a look at some of its green features.

The PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel management had sustainability in mind even before the hotel was built. They engaged local architectural firm WOHA to design the hotel based on a hotel-in-a-garden concept with over 15,000 square metres of four-storey tall sky-gardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, planter terraces and cascading vertical greenery, amounting to twice its land area.

Nature-inspired materials and textures such as light and dark wood, pebbles, water, and glass are also used throughout the design of the hotel. Read more

Sharing the Idea of Collaborative Consumption

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The idea of Collaborative Consumption is gaining traction throughout the world, and would be of great relevance to Asia as our consumption level rises.

Collaborative Consumption refers to sharing that is empowered by technology and social or peer-to-peer networks. It has the potential to change how we consume and the way businesses operate.

Sharing also covers renting, swapping, lending, trading, exchanging, bartering, and gifting. The advantages of sharing are that fewer resources are used to make and ship stuff, and less waste are generated and disposed.

The term Collaborative Consumption was first described in 2010 in the book What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers. Other resources with similar ideas on sharing include the book The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing by Lisa Gansky and the Shareable website. Read more

Peer-to-Peer Renting in Singapore with Rent Tycoons

Rent TycoonsRent Tycoons is the first company in Singapore to provide a peer-to-peer renting platform for individuals and businesses to rent items to/from each other.

Fenni Wang and Swito Yuber, Co-Founders of Rent Tycoons, shared more about their company in this interview:

1) Why did you start Rent Tycoons? Were you influenced by the concept of Collaborative Consumption or the Sharing Economy?

We believe that a majority of people own more things that they actually need and it is evident in each household – a number of useful items sitting around idle in the storage room, etc. In the long run, such items become a form of clutter that fills up the house or get discarded eventually. Our initial idea was to give life to those idling items and reduce wastage!

The concept of Collaborative Consumption/Sharing Economy definitely resonates with Rent Tycoons. It is evident in our corporate vision: Collaborative consumption is a way of building environmentally sustainable communities. Our mission is to help people make money, save money and be green effortlessly! Read more

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