China Municipal Solid Waste Forum 2011 [Events]

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Organizer: Being-Consulting China; Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange (Shanghai government technology exchange department)

Endorser: ISWA (International Solid Waste Association); Econet China

Date: 21-22, July, 2011

Location: Shanghai Pudong Ramada Plaza, China



China’ first quarter 2011 achieved 11.9% year on year GDP growth rate, which is the highest growth rate of any major economy. While experiencing rapid economic growth, China faces mounting trash crisis. The country’s total waste output has reached 180 million tons last year, expanding as fast as its economy, at about 8 to 10 percent a year. According to China Association of Environmental Protection Industry,the municipal solid waste (MSW) output in China will reach 179 million tons and 210 million tons in 2015 and 2020 respectively. Read more

The Warriors of Qiugang

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The Warriors of Qiugang

The Warriors of Qiugang is a 39-minute short video co-produced by Yale Environment 360 with filmmakers Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon. The video tells the story of how the villagers in the Qiugang village, Anhui province in China, worked with an environmental NGO, Green Anhui, and fought together to protect their environment and health against chemical pollution from the nearby Jiucailuo Chemical plant.

The unlikely hero in the video is farmer, Zhang Gongli, who leads the villagers’ fight to shut down the chemical plant by using China’s federal environmental laws to put pressure on the factory owners and the local government. He is a reluctant hero:

I feel scared, I really don’t want to be a hero. But the next generation will suffer. We risk our lives for their happiness.

Watch this moving and powerful short video. China is still struggling to balance environmental protection and economic development. But China’s future looks green with the help of concerned citizens and committed NGOs.

Source and image credit: Yale Environment 360

[Event] The Third Clean Energy World Expo

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Date:  April 12-14th, 2011

Venue: Nanjing International Expo Center, China

CEW 2011 Introduction

An grand occasion in clean energy field, the Third Clean Energy World Expo will be held at China Nanjing International Expo Center on April 12 to14th, 2011. Boasting 6 International Summits, 400 exhibitors and 20,000 square meters exhibition area, CEW 2011 aims to provide an effective communicative platform for government officials, scholars, developers, product manufacturers, and investors, and to promote fast and healthy development of clean energy in China and the world as a whole. Read more

China Green City Summit 2010

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Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing – China

Hosted by Duxes Business Consulting Inc. and endorsed by IIUE and ISWA, China Green City Summit 2010 – Green Upgrading on Urban Utilities will take place on September 20th – 21th, 2010 in Chongqing, which is a typical green city in China.

Never has the demand of green city been that pressing before because of the limits of carrying capacity of economy and environment. The China Green City Summit 2010 is to explore the market itself and newly released policies and regulations. The summit will provide a platform to bring together international experts and leaders to address concerns, put forward proposals and eventually agree on the solutions. Distinguished industry leaders and experts will be gathered here to address concerns in urban planning, renewable energy, waste management, green building, and public transportation.

During the next ten years, China will be in a rapid urbanization development stage. The green city strategy is in full swing with the support from government, which benefits the China environment protection industry to a great extent. Under such situation is the event launched.

For more information, please visit or contact +86 21 52588005 or email to

SMARTricity Asia Congress 2010

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Venue: Shanghai, China

Smart grid technology really takes off in Asia in 2010 as a number of governments have launched initiatives to develop the technology and infrastructure needed to upgrade their antiquated electrical grid systems.

However, drivers and roadmaps behind those initiatives are quite diversified. China, India and Russia etc are pursuing a sound, secure and energy-efficient electrical T&D networks to meet the surging electricity demand of tommorrow, while Japan, South Korea and Australia etc are investing in IT and demand side to make electricity networks smarter, greener and customer-centric.

How to align their efforts in line for future cross-boarder cooperation? ?How to differentiate your market entry strategy to fit into each individual market in Asia? How to maximize your ROI while striving to be a trend setter?

SMARTricity Asia Congress is a high-level strategic platform for Asian governments, power generators, operator, utilities and distribution companies to address most critical issues in adopting smart technologies to achieve energy T&D efficiency and reliability in Asia.

Visit the event website for details and registration.

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