2nd Annual Green Tech Asia Conference [Events]

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26 & 27 September, 2011
GTower Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website: www.comfori.com/greentech


Green building is the practice of escalating on how efficiently buildings use energy, water, and other resources, and reducing their waste and impact on human health and the environment. Furthermore, green building is also fueling interest in green technology and a greater emphasis on recycling and reducing waste. Leveraging on effective green water & waste management and technology will minimise energy and water usage, and reduces environmental concerns.

According to a study by the EPA, commercial buildings account for 18% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. An estimated 30% percent of this energy is used inefficiently. Commercial buildings also generate an astounding quantity of waste and other byproducts that causing impairment to the environment. These buildings are at the forefront of green building because they present opportunities for improvement.

Water treatment programs and waste reducing system are often overlooked in the green building equation. 85% of industry experts reported that water efficiency will be an ‘extremely important’ aspect of a green building by 2013. This 2nd Annual GreenTech Asia reviews how effective water and waste management help to achieve key green building objectives and introduces innovative green technology in line with the aim to reduce cost and energy consumption.

Conference Focus

This 2nd Annual Regional Conference will be addressing significant issues of GREEN Building:

  • Green building standard, rating and policy across the region for commercial & industrial buildings
  • Holistic view of green building design
  • Efficient building management
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Reducing cost & energy consumption
  • Alternative energy resources
  • Updates on cutting-edge existing and future green technologies
  • Transforming less efficient existing buildings to green buildings
  • Return on Investment
  • Possible collaborations among nations within Asia Pacific

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