China Municipal Solid Waste Forum 2011 [Events]

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Organizer: Being-Consulting China; Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange (Shanghai government technology exchange department)

Endorser: ISWA (International Solid Waste Association); Econet China

Date: 21-22, July, 2011

Location: Shanghai Pudong Ramada Plaza, China



China’ first quarter 2011 achieved 11.9% year on year GDP growth rate, which is the highest growth rate of any major economy. While experiencing rapid economic growth, China faces mounting trash crisis. The country’s total waste output has reached 180 million tons last year, expanding as fast as its economy, at about 8 to 10 percent a year. According to China Association of Environmental Protection Industry,the municipal solid waste (MSW) output in China will reach 179 million tons and 210 million tons in 2015 and 2020 respectively.

The large amount of the municipal solid waste has caused serious environmental pollution and disaster. The Chinese government is gearing up funding for environmental protection. It is expected that government funding for environmental protection will reach 3.1 trillion yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15), for solid waste disposal industry will reach 800 billion yuan, base on the statistics of the National Development and Reform Commission. Domestic solid waste management sector is likely to see a business boom fueled by more government funding and favorable policies and its rapid growth is expected to continue over 10 years.

At present due to inadequate waste management, financial constrains, absence of appropriate technology, lack of people’s awareness, motivation and participation, ineffective legislation and law enforcement, China municipal solid waste (MSW) remains unmanageable and becomes one of striking environmental and social issues.

To solve this striking issue B-IN Consulting organized the China Municipal Solid Waste Summit 2011 with the theme of Safe and Sustainable Management. The summit will gather 150+ China top governmental officials, professionals and senior executive officers from world’s leading organizations and companies together to share innovative industry know-how and discuss the management of solid waste disposal for China. China Municipal Solid Waste Summit 2011 will provide you a distinct platform to network with global waste management fraternities and cash in China billion dollar solid waste market.

Top Reasons To Attend

  • Listening 30+ Industry Eminent Speakers
  • Networking with 150+ Global Industry Fraternities and Top Networking with 150+ Global
  • Industry Fraternities and Top
  • Taking Away Comprehensive and Cuttingedge technology and Management Knowledge
  • Tapping into China Solid Waste Market
  • Meeting with the Owners of China Local Solid Waste Disposal Projects
  • Participating the Sole Summit Focusing on China Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Industry
  • Benefiting from the Extended Networking Time Through Networking Drinks Party

Who Should Attend

  • Top government officials
  • Waste Plant Owners, Operators and Engineers
  • Waste Disposal Service Providers, Waste Collection, Service and Recycling Companies
  • Waste Collection and Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Environmental Protection Companies, Technology and System Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Venture Capitalists and Investors
  • Consulting and Services Companies
  • Transportation, Storage and Handling Experts
  • Research and Development Organizations
  • Sustainability Professionals
  • Lawyer
  • Others

Major Topics Of The Forum

  • China municipal solid waste industry policies and marketing prospect
  • China MSW management patterns and operational mechanisms
  • Innovative technologies and equipments in MSW collection and transportation
  • New developed MSW disposal technologies
  • China MSW recycling strategies
  • How to achieve energy recovery efficiency
  • How to achieve energy recovery efficiency treatment pollutions

Conference Website:

For more details, please contact: FOX
Tel: +86 21 5180 7937

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