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The Marina Barrage was officially opened last Friday, together with the launch of the annual Clean and Green Singapore. The new Marina Barrage is a 350-meter wide dam built across the Marina channel, forming Singapore’s first reservoir in the city and our 15th reservoir with a catchment area of one-sixth the size of Singapore.

The Marina Barrage serves several benefits such as increasing our water supply with the Marina Reservoir meeting more than 10% of our current water demand, alleviating flooding in the low-lying areas in the city, and serving as a lifestyle attraction with recreational activities such as windsurfing and kayaking.

We visited the Marina Barrage over the weekend and took some photos:

Bird’s-eye view of the Marina Barrage building (photo of a banner)


View from roof garden


Playing with water in the fountain


Roof garden with excellent view of the Singapore Flyer


Solar park with 405 solar panels generating electricity for the building


Inside the Sustainable Singapore Gallery


Learning about the water history of Singapore in the Gallery


Singapore’s water story from the 1960s to 2000s





Gallery on the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme


Model of the Marina Barrage in operation



The Marina Barrage



Water Wally welcomes visitors


Families and pets enjoying a walk along the Marina Barrage


View of the Marina Barrage building


The gates were lowered to release water from the reservoir to the sea


You can also watch a 30-second short video of the Marina Barrage that we created using the photos.

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23 Responses to “Photos of Marina Barrage”
  1. loonshi says:

    very nice pictures taken. it makes me want to go down and visit the place. *Thumbs Up* :)

  2. 996 says:

    Nice photos. Wished I could have been there to see the gates in operation. I heard that the contractors required about 10hours to install 1gate

  3. soh low heng says:

    Just checking if there is any conducted or educational activities if I bring a group of students to the Marina Barrage?

  4. Eugene says:

    You can book a tour of the Marina Barrage Visitor Centre at

  5. dude says:

    hey can we like play football on the roof area?:)

  6. Lisa says:

    I been there on 1 Jan 09; where they are having 2 days family carnival held on 31 Dec 08 & 1 Jan 09. A place that must go!!

  7. cool guy says:

    i love the barrage pls go there and have a look guys and gurls.

  8. Myat Mon says:

    I’m a mechatronic engineering student from Institute of Technical Education,Singapore.I’ve been there last month,with my classmates and class advisor.It’s one of the most intersting places in Singapore.I think,all the Singaporeans will proud of it.:)

  9. chai says:

    wat does marina barrage called in chinese??????

  10. Kon says:

    Verry cooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ashish Khemchandani says:

    Great article. I visited the marina barrage a week back on a trip to singapore. I am a student of architecture and I would like to know who designed it. Can anybody please tell me who is the architect of the marina barrage?

  12. Another milestone for this small nation with great aspirations! Good!

  13. Kay says:

    Hi Eugene,
    It’s really nice pictures. Could u allow to use some of the photos in our calendar? It’s not for commercial. We are going to create a new calendar (2010) for our company internal use. We are collecting SG scenes photos to use in our calendar. And we will give this calendar to our clients too. Please let me know is it possible?

    Thanks you so much!

  14. Lee Soi Woon says:

    As we want to visit Marina Barrage on 21 March, however we want the Chinese Name of Marina Barrage,so that we can publish on our website. Kindly reply by email. Thanks!

  15. samynathan says:

    is the barrage always crowded?cause we are going to film a video in the barrage,and we dont want any attention,or distubance.

  16. Dr Lau Kwok Nam says:

    Any study or monitoring of the toxic cancer-causing chemical contaminants of the barrage water before it is pumped and contaminate other reservoirs? As we know the “Singapore River” is not a river, it is a large drain receiving water from all sources, domestic, road surfaces, maybe some old industrial factories, and finally rain water.

    Has any correlation been studied regarding the number of new cancer cases in the Singapore Cancer Cenntre in connection with water-borne toxic chemicals?


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