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sunlight.jpgWelcome to AsiaIsGreen!

AsiaIsGreen (AIG) is a brand new online green resource guide for Singapore and Asia, created by Green Future Solutions. We have been working on this website for the past two months and we think we are ready for its live testing. We are still new so do join us on this learning journey to create a green future. Please feel free to go through what we have to offer and email your feedback to us at our Contact page during this testing phase.

We understand that Asia faces great challenges in protecting its environment as it develops economically. The people in Asia are beginning to be aware of their impacts on the environment and they wish for economic prosperity without harming the planet. Is it possible to see a future where Asia is green? We do not hope that Asia is green and we have given up that hope because when hope dies, action begins. We have decided to take action to create a future where Asia is green and AIG is our small contribution towards that future. A green future for Asia is not a dream but a responsibility to Nature and our children.

AIG provides a wide range of resources for you to increase your awareness and understanding of the environment in Singapore and Asia, and to inspire you to take action. AIG is not only for Asians but for everyone around the world who wish to see a greener Asia. A green future for the world would be impossible without the participation of Asia. The green resources in AIG include the following:

  • Learn More (left)
    • Featured: Check out feature articles that we think are important.
    • Singapore: Read the latest environmental news on Singapore.
    • Asia: Read the latest environmental news on Asia.
    • World: Read the latest environmental news from around the world.
    • What, Who, Where & How: What – Understand green ideas and principles; Who – Meet individuals who have contributed to the environment; Where – Explore the environment in Asian countries; and How – Learn how to go green.
    • Videos & Podcasts: Watch videos and listen to podcasts that we have selected from various sources.
  • Tags (left): Search for news and articles by topic tags.
  • Products & Services (left): Discover a wide range of green products and services that would help you to reduce your impact on the environment. Of course, the first thing you can do is to buy less. The next step would be to buy green and you can choose from the following categories:
    • Design; Engineering & Consultancy; Finance; Education; Transport; Water; Energy; Reuse & Recycle; and Eco-friendly.
  • Recommended Websites (left): Look at the list of our favourite websites and we strongly recommend you to check them out.
  • Events (right): Choose from the listed events and learn more about the environment or take action.
  • Poll (right): Participate in our poll and let us know what you think.
  • Recommended Books (right): Look at the list of books that we find interesting and recommend.
  • Club (top): Join our social club and network with other readers or discuss green issues.
  • Ebook (top): Download our ebook that suggest 6 steps for people who want to improve the environment.

We acknowledge that there are people in Asia who will not have access to AIG or who cannot afford the products and services shown in AIG. We do not pretend to have all the answers in AIG to create a green future for Asia. But we know that we have to take action now with whatever limited resources available. Learn more. Take action. Spread the message. Do what we can.

Photo credit: Raiden256.

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6 Responses to “A new beginning for AsiaIsGreen”
  1. Eugene says:

    Received feedback that the site is messed up when using firefox web browser. The text is on a green background instead of white, fonts are missing and the right sidebar is messy. Will try to solve the problems and pls be patient. Thanks.

  2. SQ says:

    Hey, Congrats on the launch of your company and website!
    Wish you success!

  3. Eugene says:

    The problem with the firefox browser has been solved. The fault lies in the embedded video and map plus a few coding errors. Happy surfing!

  4. Ben Lee says:


    My congrats to you for launching a brand new online green resource guide for Singapore and Asia. It is indeed a perfect time to kick start this resource guide. May I, on behalf of Nature Trekker (Singapore) wish you and your green resource web guide every success. Cheers !

  5. Eugene says:

    Thanks Ben! Keep up the good work at Nature Trekker.

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